Home Staging Tips – Do it yourself!


When selling your home, it’s amazing how much of a difference you can make by doing a bit of home staging to help it stand out in the buyer’s mind.

Below you’ll find a collection of videos that will help you determine just how ready you are to list your home for sale, and offer some insight as you start the process of staging your own home.

I work with specialists that can offer further home staging advice anywhere in the Lower Mainland.  For further home staging advice, feel free to contact us at any time.

Pre-Packing, Clutter & Editing

Making your home feel more spacious will make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

Paint Tips

Think neutral when painting your home. Creating a house that is appealing to the widest audience is key when trying to sell it.

Main Selling Rooms

Knowing which rooms most buyers focus on when shopping for a new house will help you know what to focus on most when preparing your home for sale.

Home Inspection BEFORE You Sell

A buyer will likely get their own home inspection done, but by also doing one BEFORE you list your home you’ll be able to address any issues that may turn off potential buyers. Remember that the more problems a buyer finds with your house, the less they’ll be willing to pay.

Furniture Placement & Lighting

Poor placement of furniture and poor lighting can make your home look much smaller than it really is. Likewise, cleverly placed furniture and proper lighting can make your home appear larger.


Buyers want to purchase a “move in ready” home. Flooring can reveal to the buyer how well the home has been maintained.


Removing your identity from your home is an important process in marketing your home for sale. It’s all about getting the buyer to connect with the house, and having too many personal effects in the way can be a distraction.

Curb Appeal

Buyers often make snap decisions on whether your home will fit their requirements based on what they see when they do a drive by. Making sure your home is impressive to potential buyers at all times is an important consideration – Remember that the first impression for a buyer will be a lasting one.

Air Quality, Odour, Pets, Holidays

You always want to attract the most potential buyers – the easiest way to do that is to keep your home as neutral as possible. This includes things such as the way your house smells, the presence of pets, and holiday specific decorations.

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