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smart buyer townhouse

By enrolling in our Smart Buyer Program, you will be able to take advantage of FOUR distinct features of this exclusive program:



  • Receive up to $1000 cash!

When subscribing to our FREE Smart Buyer Program, you’ll automatically receive up to $1000 upon successful completion of your purchase.

  • LOVE IT or LEAVE IT Guarantee

We work hard to ensure that every buyer LOVES the home they purchased. Within the FIRST YEAR of owning your new home, if FOR ANY REAON you don’t LOVE your home, we will sell it for FREE!

  • Home Hunter Service

When enrolling in the Smart Buyers Program, you will get a backstage pass to the MLS (or Multiple Listing Service). What this means to you is that you will have the same access to current and new home listings, as if you were an agent.

  • Home Valuation Tools

Learn about the market fluctuations within your ideal neighbourhood, and also gain access to actual sales data direct from the Real Estate Board!!

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